1. What makes AIRCAT® products different than most Air Tools?

        Power.  Superior mechanics and internal mechanism of the AIRCAT® includes
        high quality bearing surfaces, air chambers and operation turbines that substantially
        reduce level of noise while retaining more power and torque.

        Quiet.  The AIRCAT® has been tested and shown to operate at 82-86 dBa (decibels),
        far below the OSHA guidelines.  Air wrenches often operate at an excess of 100 dBa,
        which can cause severe loss of hearing over time.

        Handle Exhaust.  Exhaust Technologies, Inc. has innovated through the handle
        exhaust design, which incorporates its revolutionary worldwide patented internal
        muffler/filter.  The benefits include reduced hazards from breathing exhausted air
        particulates, the elimination of blow-by into the operator's eyes and lungs.

2. What is the difference between AIRCAT®1150 & NITROCAT®1200-K?

       AIRCAT® 1150 model impact wrench uses a Durable Twin Hammer Mechanism

The Rugged and Reliable Twin Hammer mechanism creates a higher speed and faster blow per minute (under a load) impact.  The Twin Hammer is best suited for all-around automotive maintenance. The twin hammer design has the hammer able to slide and rotate on a shaft, with a spring holding it in the downwards position. Between the hammer and the driving shaft is a steel ball on a ramp, such that if the input shaft rotates ahead of the hammer with enough torque, the spring is compressed and the hammer is slid backwards. On the bottom of the hammer, and the top of the anvil, are dog teeth, designed for high impacts. When the tool is used, the hammer rotates until its dog teeth contact the teeth on the anvil, stopping the hammer from rotating. The input shaft continues to turn, causing the ramp to lift the steel ball, lifting the hammer assembly until the dog teeth no longer engage the anvil, and the hammer is free to spin again. The hammer then springs forward to the bottom of the ball ramp, and is accelerated by the input shaft, until the dog teeth contact the anvil again, delivering the impact

-          Faster hard hitting impact (1,400 Blows Per Minute)

-          Durable, Rugged and Reliable

-          Recommended for all-around automotive torque applications


NITROCAT®1200-K model impact wrench use a Smooth Powerful Twin Clutch Mechanism

The Hard Hitting Twin Clutch mechanism creates a high torque initial impact

The Twin Clutch design uses a hammer fixed directly onto the input shaft, with a pair of pins acting as clutches. When the hammer rotates past the anvil, a ball ramp pushes the pins outwards against a spring, extending them to where they will hit the anvil and deliver the impact, then release and spring back into the hammer, usually by having the balls "fall off" the other side of the ramp at the instant the hammer hits. Since the ramp need only have one peak around the shaft, and the engagement of the hammer with the anvil is not based on a number of teeth between them, this design allows the hammer to accelerate for a full revolution before contacting the anvil, giving it more time to accelerate and delivering a stronger impact.

- “An 800 lb Gorilla”

- Slower but harder hitting impact

- Recommended for high torque applications

3. How do I grease/oil my AIRCAT® and NITROCAT®?

       The AIRCAT® tools require the minimum standards below to keep your tool in good
       working condition.

       Twin Hammer- Use Lithium or bearing grease. One pump every few weeks is all you need.

       Twin Clutch- Use 1 oz. of 30w motor oil, but only if you see it leaking.  Otherwise, the
       tool should be fine.  For routine maintenance, just oil through the air inlet every night and
       leave the handle pointing up.  It will be ready to go the next morning.   Light weight air tool oil is all you need.

4. What is the optimal air flow pressure for AIRCAT® Tools?

      Small Tools (Ratchets, Drills, Die Grinder, and Cut-Off Tools- 90psi Flow Pressure

      Impact Tools (Impact Wrenches)- 90-120 psi* Flow Pressure   
      * Maximum torque varies with air flow pressure

5. What AIRCAT® Products are assembled in U.S.A.?

      The following AIRCAT® tools are assembled in the U.S.A.:  1000-TH, 
      1150, 1355-XL, 1375-XL, 1300-TH

6. What certifications does AIRCAT® carry?

      All AIRCAT® tools carry the CE certification.  This certifies that our products have met
      the EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.

7. How can I obtain literature on your products?

      All of our sales literature is available at no charge.  Contact Customer Service today to
      place your order   You may also download AIRCAT® literature directly from our website. 
      If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Customer Service.

8. How can I place an order with AIRCAT®?

      AIRCAT® sells through authorized distributors throughout the world.  Please contact
      our Customer Service department at 1-888-424-7228 to locate an authorized distributor
      near you.

9. How can I become an authorized AIRCAT® Distributor or Repair Center?

      To discuss the possibility of becoming an authorized AIRCAT® Distributor or Repair Center,
      please contact us at sales@aircat.com or call 1-888-424-7228.

10. Where are the warranty service centers in the United States?

      To find an authorized Repair Center nearest you, please contact our Customer Service
      department or visit http://www.aircat.com/warranty

11. How can I register my AIRCAT® product for warranty?

      You may register your AIRCAT® product by filling out and returning the Warranty
      Registration card that was shipped with your tool.

12. What do I need to send in with my AIRCAT® Tool for Warranty Repair?

      a. Proof of purchase receipt with date
      b. Name 
      c. Phone number
      d. Email

13. Where is the serial number on my Impact Wrench?

      On most AIRCAT® Impact Wrenches the serial number is just above the base of the handle or on top of the housing.

14. Who can I talk to about a tool issue?

      We have many people who can help you with your tool concerns.  Please contact our
      Customer Service department at 1-888-424-7228 or your local AIRCAT® representative
      for help.

15. I am a Military or Government Buyer does AIRCAT® have a GSA Schedule Number?

       GSA Schedule Holder (GS-21F-0025Y)


16. Still can't find the answers to all your questions?

      Contact Us